Thursday, 12 November 2015

the incredible how at FLEat

I am collecting together stuff for Fleat on Sunday - vintage and handmade - and some Chritmassy stuff - very stamp orientated! Lot sof photo and handmade cards reduced in price - perhaps you will need some thank you cards after Christmas: 50p, £1, £1.50 & £2 - there might be a few that are a little more than that. Then there's the Japanese stuff: reversible silk pouches made from recycled vintage kimono silk, brooches made from quality chiyogami/yuzen washi paper on wood.
Vintage jewellery and bric a brac most of it £5 and under...a few clothes but not £5 and under.
I'll see what I can squeeze onto and under the table. Oh and garlands, Christmas and not...

1966 - used and unused - other years too

Christmas stamps from the past made into garlands

mathematics and gold

reversible pouches made from recycled vintage kimono silk

chiyogami/yuzen washi paper brooches- there are round & square ones too

collections of unused stamps, postcards and re-gummed used stamps.

recycling a vintage Elle decoration

kimono silk sakura cards with envelopes& stickers made from envelopes!

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